Commercial Covid-19 Details

Dear Customer,

As a Lifeline Utility we will continue to operate during ALERT Level 4. We are continually looking at our plans and protocols that relate to the Covid -19 outbreak. Our priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and customers by minimising the chance to transmit the virus. As a result, we ask that you adopt the following practices to assist us in this process.

We know that some of you will have to close temporarily so we will cease our normal standing order and delivery services until the Alert Levels are reduced. If you are still permitted to operate could you, please let our office know so we ensure you have continuity of supply.

For those of you operating, where possible refrain from touching the regulators, cages or LPG bottles. If you leave a bottle off, then by all means turn the full bottle on but please don’t switch across the regulator indicator or turn the tap off on the empty bottle. We are imposing a three day stand down period for deliveries if installations are handled by anyone other than our staff.

For those customers with electronic or manual gates we will require you to leave these open for us on the day you are expecting a delivery. We realise this may cause some inconvenience however we are endeavouring to limit the surfaces our drivers need to touch when completing their deliveries.

Access to the LPG bottles need to be clear and unobstructed. Storing brooms, mops, bread and milk crates, tables and chairs etc around the LPG bottles must be avoided. If we cannot access the bottles because things are in the way, then we will not be able to deliver your gas. Remember that we use trolleys to move the bottle, so we require a minimum 600mm wide clear pathway to your bottles.

We respectively request that you do not engage in close contact with our drivers, trucks or staff and keep clear the recommended distances that are issued by the Health Ministry. At this stage it is 2 meters however the greater the distance the better.

In the months ahead we will try to maintain the level of service for both deliveries and office queries that you are accustomed to however we cannot guarantee this. If you are not on standing orders which will continue as normal, then please remember to read your regulators periodically, more often than normal if possible, and let us know as soon as they turn red. The more time we are given to make the delivery the less likelihood that you will run out of gas.

We are endeavouring to keep our customers and drivers safe by adopting these measures. Please make sure that prior to placing an order that you do in fact need a replacement cylinder so we can continue to meet our normal delivery schedules.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you all stay safe and well in the months ahead.

Yours faithfully,

Rockgas North

Tel: 09 430 0879 / 0800 23 23 22

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