Rockgas LPG cylinder location guide

A Rockgas LPG HomePack consists of two 45KG cylinders delivered and installed by us. When the first of your cylinders is empty simply call us, order online or via our app and we will will swap it for a full cylinder.

We will also undertake a safety check every time we visit.

Things you need to think about when choosing a site for your cylinder location

Is the driveway steep or structurally unsound for heavy vehicles?

Is the driveway long with limited space to turn a truck around?

Is access over delicate or decorative surfaces, or are there obstacles obstructing the cylinder trolley? Cylinders must not sit in water, a raised concrete paver is ideal.

Cylinder exchange is a single-person operation. Are the stairs difficult for safe trolley access? As a guideline, risers should be less than 200 mm high, treads more than 200 mm wide and total rise no more than 1.5 metres.

Does the trolley access or placement of cylinders allow for for the delivery exchange to be carried out without placing unreasonable physical expectations on the driver?

Minimum clearance required when positioning Rockgas exchange cylinders