Gas is changing

You may have recently seen the release of the final Climate Change Commission (CCC) advice to Government. We are pleased the Commission’s final advice acknowledges the role zero carbon gas may play in reducing New Zealand’s carbon emissions.

Rockgas, as part of the Firstgas Group, believes that we need to ensure New Zealanders have a choice of energy sources. We also believe that we will need to decarbonise all of our energy distribution channels over time, including by using zero carbon gases like bioLPG, biogas and hydrogen.

The overwhelming response to the CCC’s draft advice (which included more than 15,000 submissions) included a strong message that Kiwis value the option of having gas in their homes and want the confidence to continue to use gas and connect to gas today.  That’s why we are working hard to decarbonise our LPG network to enable New Zealand’s gas to go zero carbon by 2050.

We support the CCC’s final advice and are actively collaborating with energy-system stakeholders and Government to ensure that zero carbon gases like bioLPG, biogas and hydrogen are future options for all New Zealanders.

Rockgas is actively investigating bioLPG and we have seen exciting pathways emerging overseas for bioLPG. Scandinavian company, Neste, has been producing bioLPG since 2018 and in March this year made its first shipment of bioLPG to the UK’s largest LPG company, Calor. This shows us that the trading of bioLPG is feasible, as is large-scale distribution of bioLPG via existing networks.

Firstgas Group is also investigating biogas and hydrogen to ensure a choice of zero carbon gases to meet New Zealand’s everyday needs and climate change goals.

What does this mean for you today?

Absolutely nothing – your LPG services will continue to enable you to heat your water, cook your food, BBQ your steak, and warm up your house. In the future we expect to be able to deliver bioLPG that is compatible with existing gas appliances. This means that as a gas user, you can support New Zealand’s journey to zero emissions without needing to replace your gas appliances and equipment.

We remain confident that the benefits of gas are here to stay in a cleaner energy future. Rockgas is committed to helping New Zealand achieve its target of zero carbon emissions by 2050. We will keep you updated and are keen to involve you in the future of our LPG networks.

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