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How do I manage my LPG gas supply?

Is it OK to leave my reserve LPG cylinder turned off?

The auto-changeover is a specially designed regulator that spontaneously closes the supply from one cylinder and opens another.

This ensures you don’t get an interruption to your LPG gas supply.   Your system uses two gas cylinders and it is important that both are left turned on.  The demands of appliances differ in your home. One of these cylinders provides the main while the other is a backup that provides extra LPG for these appliances when needed. This extra gas could be due to increased demand from your appliances.  Cold weather can effect appliances LPG demands.

Even though both cylinders are turned on, you will not run out of gas any quicker, as your appliance will not continuously draw gas from both cylinders.

To avoid any interruption in gas flow, all cylinders should be left in the open position.

If you choose to turn your full bottle off at the valve, you will need to know how to turn it back on to get your gas working again. This can sometimes catch people out & then they think they’re completely out of gas!

Do I need to reset my indicator?

There are several types of automatic changeover regulators available in New Zealand – what type do you have? They all use a visual indicator which will turn red/orange when it’s switched over to the other bottle.  You don’t need to touch or turn the indicator.   The driver will reset this when he/she delivers your bottle.

LPG indicators New Zealand

When you see your indicator has turned red, simply call Rockgas North and place an order for a replacement cylinder.

TIP –  Try to get in the habit of checking your indicator regularly so you always have one full cylinder.  You don’t have to wait until both cylinders are empty before ordering a refill bottle.  For more helpful information on managing your gas supply read this blog post