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How to use an LPG Gas Cooker safely

How to use an LPG gas cooker camping

We’re pretty lucky here in the ‘winter-less’ north. You can pretty much camp all year round.   If you enjoy the great outdoors and use an LPG gas cooker, safety is a must.  You might want to tick off our check list below.   A great outdoors experience is one you remember!

Use appliances outside whenever possible

Carbon monoxide can be produced without proper ventilation.  It can be dangerous to use an appliance in a small enclosure like a tent or car.  If inside a caravan make sure there’s plenty of space and ventilation.  Ventilation should allow air to move across the space with openings at high and low levels.

Keep LPG appliances in good condition

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions which should be included when you purchase your appliance.
  • Follow all the warnings on the labels.
  • Each time you connect the gas bottle, test for gas leaks. Follow the instructions on the gas bottle for how to do this.

Follow LPG appliance safety guidelines

  • Keep flammable items well clear of cookers or heaters (at least a metre away).
  • If your cooking appliance has a windshield to protect the fuel bottle or canister, use it.
  • Avoid using cooking utensils that have highly reflective surfaces, as these can reflect heat towards the fuel bottle or canister.
  • Don’t operate the cooker for long periods of time without giving it a rest every so often to let it cool down.
  • Don’t use over-sized pots or pans on small camp cookers.  Give your flame room to burn – it should just touch the bottom of the pot.
  • When you’re not using appliances turn off the gas at the bottle.
  • Stop using an appliance if it emits an odour as this indicates a leak or emissions linked to carbon monoxide poisoning.

There’s nothing better than a hot meal after a long day’s hike or outdoor activities.  Cooking is especially fun camping.   If you follow these LPG gas cooker safety guidelines you will always have an experience to remember.